Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nanny Remembers v.1

I spent 2007 - 2010 exclusively doing childcare for work.  I love being with kiddos and for most of my life I've gravitated toward little ones.  It's an amazing life!!

Since being hired as an RN, I've not had the flexibility in my schedule to work with littles so this Summer's adventure is proving to be a lesson in memory, too!

This morning I remembered that it is challenging to wake up first thing to a sweet, playful kiddo when you're in the middle of a dream.  Now that the coffee's been made, breakfast's been eaten, and he wants to play solo with his car, I can say, WHOA! I've been out of it all morning because I'm still somewhere in a world of cats, wearing a weird ballgown and why do I have brown hair??

How do mamas do it?? Thick in a dream and then be woken up by kiddo?? Mama Fuzz.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

One day at a time....

I've been wrestling with creating a new blog.  A space where I can write freely without worry about what the old blog says.  I've been doing loads of purging as of late, and it seems fitting I purge the old blog and start fresh with a new one.

I've asked friends to help with a new name for the blog...

One suggested 'Layla to the Core.'  I loved it!! (Apples being my favorite fruit except when it's cherry season, and my desire to share the core of me, I thought YES!)

Then, I thought about it some more....and one major theme of the past 12 months has been to Embrace Uncertainty and Trust the Process.

Oh what an amazing process it's been!
I've graduated nursing school, traveled abroad for Summer 2010, passed NCLEX and became a licensed Registered Nurse, became employed straight away at an acute psychiatric hospital in my community, enjoyed some amazing self-reflection & growth, been blessed with a burgeoning and blossoming relationship, and that was all BEFORE 2011 hit!

2011 has presented itself to be just as fantastic and life-changing a part of my process as 2010....

I felt the true challenge of the first six months in my career, the illustriously challenging 'first year as a nurse' I heard about so often  in school; I was working nights, feeling isolative, depressed, unmotivated for personal growth and change...

And, God still saw fit for my personal relationships to grow and succeed, despite my emotional struggle with work and how it was affecting my day-to-day life.

In that success came the opportunity for me to return to Switzerland for my third summer helping one truly phenomenal family and business, a job that is allowing me to return to full-time daytime employment when I return (WHAT??! WHOA!), and a personal romantic relationship that has grown into a commitment of daily space.  I've moved in with my partner.

With all this awesome change, I thought it fitting I start fresh with a new space to write, without the weight of old patterns and stories, but with the promise of new pages to post, new photos to comment on and share, and  new opportunities to embrace this awesome, uncertain life.

Thanks for reading!

p.s.  I expect the display format of the blog to change a bit, with adding widgets and gadgets (what?!) and the like, so please, if you do care to follow, which I would be thrilled if you would!, be patient as I get back into the rhythm of blogging.  It's been a while, and I'm going to take it one day at a time....